18 VPO in Iznájar Cordova

Architects: Gabriel Verd, Simone Solinas
Collaborators: EDARTEC (Estructuras), Eduardo Vázquez López (Arquitecto Técnico), Clemente Rodríguez Adanero (Maqueta), Jigalfer (Constructora)
Year: 2004 (concurso), 2005 (proyecto), 2006-2008 (ejecución)
Customer: PROVICOSA (Promotora provincial de viviendas de Corboba S.A.), Diputación de Córdoba.
Built area: 1.545,20 m2
Budget: 1.009.635,81 €
Photography: Jesús Granada

Just between the provinces of Granada, Málaga y Córdoba, the village of Iznájar stays on a hill on the Genil river and the Priego stream. This locality gives name to the reservoir situated down the village; for its dimensions it is considered the lake of Andalusia.

Looking to the uses of the soil, the olive monoculture is predominant in the whole territory. Landscape is slightly interrupted by forests (enclave that for its high slope and rocks prevent its agricultural use) and by the reservoir.

Placed in an area of recent urbanization, towards the North the set borders into a royal glen, to the South by a solar where a similar residential complex will be realized, to East by some houses already ended and to West by a transformation centre.

The intervention affects two plots, the R1 (B), west, 11 housings and the R2 (B), 7 houses. The morphology of the plot is characterized by a very pronounced slope with a difference of level of 12 meters between a side to another.

Access is located in the south front, crossing the garage. On this level there is the living area, the kitchen and an interior court whose sight remains veiled from the outside by a two front-door gratings. This court is the natural external expansion of the dwelling like in traditional Andalusian houses. This succession of juxtaposed spaces is also set in the interior of the building. The living room is thought as the principal room, who articulates the interior spaces. The double height bathed by zenithal light, puts in relation the living area on the ground floor with the sleeping area on the first floor.

The 70 useful sqm strict program is enriched by the emptying of the interior volume of the houses, extending the minimal heights and obtaining roofs that go from 7 m heigh in the dining room areas, to 4 m high in two of the three bedrooms. All these attentions are managed without damaging the final budget of execution.

Moving back the façade and through the alternation of empty space and solid, we play with lights and shadows, advanced by the latitudes where the project is settled. The disposition of the covering not only makes morning light going inside the house but it also let see only the rooftops of the complex from the old city, melting it into the context. Tiles and white walls in contrast with deep red first floor shutters are the finishing elements that help to integrate this promotion into the beautiful set of Iznájar’s village.