Mairena Homes

Architects: Gabriel Verd + Buró4
Collaborators: Calconsa (Structures), Suringeniería (Installation systems), Francisco Sánchez Caballero (Site Supervisor), Manuel Cansino Arquitectura Técnica (Construction Project), Vialterra (General contractor)
Year: 2018 (project), 2020 (under construction)
Built area: 17.284,00 m² SR + 6.365,79 m² BR

The plot is bordered by two-way avenues, except on the Southeast side where an urbanized green area is located. The project benefits the context characteristics to design a residential complex with double-orientation dwellings. The building is disposed in order to form a block with open corners and a central wooden square that is the absolute protagonist of the area.

14 gates to enter the flats are accessible from the central common area. The dimensions chosen for the block allow to give the houses a double orientation, with cross ventilation and optimal lighting. This permit not to build light wells as in the other residential complex of the area.

Dwellings orientations follows the plot geometry, creating good points of view and capturing the best morning enlightenment till midday. This typology divides the house in two very defined parts, the living and the sleeping areas. Furthermore, wet areas are disposed in the middle.

Terraces have a zigzag form, that give the complex a characteristic image and provide the sitting room with an open air space. This formal trick shades apartments during summer. The staggered zigzag slab, disposed on each floor, leave a little part of the terraces uncovered and allow the dwelling to enjoy nearly the same sense of opening as it would be a rooftop apartment.

This complex is provided of a multi purpose space: a club, a playground and a swimming pool to encourage neighbours’ socialization.

Zigzag parapet pattern gives an unit and colourful image to the complex. The different levels of the terrain (till 4 m of heigh difference) is not perceived in order not to brake the sense of horizontality that the chiaroscuro of the facade gives to the building.